Metallic Inkjet Samples
Silk Inkjet Samples
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Silk Inkjet Printing
Wow. High Resolution images printed on silk. You almost have to hold it in your hand to appreciate it. Very soft and shear and partially transparent. It can be made into classy table skirts, flags, and banner stands.

We recently made a custom tie complete with silk backing. Imagine a picture of yourself on your tie. Who couldn't use that? We could most likely fit it into any application which fabric is used for. We recently took a wedding photo and made it into a quilt using the elements of the photo for the quilt pattern.

It can be used in tension fabric structures and can also be backlit. We haven't made any underwear yet, but all someone has to do is ask.

Metallic Foil Printing
Eye Candy Graphics’ crack team of engineers has developed a process for printing metallic ink jet. Descriptors like “cool”, “awesome”, “glimmery”, “wondrous” and even “delightful” are commonly muttered after viewing! Great for any application that needs to attract attention. Acts as a magnet at trade shows because the image changes as you move around it - instantly eye-catching!