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porthole animated art
faucet sculpture

bubble chandelier

"Works" building before redesign

The "Aperture" building located at 18th and Williams in Denver, CO.

The "Works" building located at 1300 Columbine in Denver, CO.
“How you live starts with where you live.”
- Boutique

Creative collaboration is a big part of Eye Candy’s philosophy, so we had a ball doing just that with Boutique Apartments (formerly Portus Funds) on several of their unique, themed properties.

This building is located at 1733 Williams in Denver, CO .

The "Route 66" building located at 14th and Race in Denver, CO.

edge glow acrylic chandelier

exterior sign

edgeglow acrylic bubbles

acrylic door sign

exterior sign, exterior bubbles, interior bubbles

bubble chandelier

bubble chandelier