Article taken from Neighborhood Life
Volume 7, Number 7, April 2007

Ostriches on Broadway anyone? Eye Candy Graphics has moved to 2244 Broadway from their old studio space on Curtis and their “front yard” is now a unique but tiny urban oasis complete with AstroTurf and an eight-foot tall metal ostrich.

I’m told the bird is the company mascot. Don’t ask why; looks mean to me. The company moved just a few blocks from 2347 Curtis but inadvertently chose a rather iffy time for the move. Moving day, Dec. 20, was the start of Denver’s long freeze and snow season.

“it was quite a tribulation,” said Stephen (Augie) Augustine, the company principal. That was not the only challenge however.

“We scrunched down from a 4,000 square foot area,” he explained. The shrinking feeling will be temporary, as plans include adding a second story to the new Broadway location to regrow their footprint a bit. Eye Candy has also rented a gallery two doors down to use as a master showroom.

Eye Candy’s work portfolio includes animated graphics, large signs, banners and trade show booths. The Cherry Creek Shopping Center and Qwest are two of their clients.

Founded in 1997 at 29th and Walnut, Eye Candy moved to a leased space at 23rd and Curtis but now has the chance to own their own digs. Their number is 303-295-2270. Hours are 8 am-5 pm weekdays and is the new website, which debuted with the move